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About the project

"To You, Child" was born to bring together the truths about life as seen by the closest people to your child. Because Your Child is exceptional! And as such it deserves the best! Is there anything better than sincere love, presented with valuable pieces of advice and shared experiences, forged in the school of life?

Thirty important people among your loved ones will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and best wishes from the most important areas of life by writing them down on four pages. Your task is to preserve them in time and pass them on to your child when it is ready to read, re-read, understand, apply and appreciate them."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the book for?

"To You, Child" is a different and valuable gift and is suitable for children from 0 to 10 years and their parents.

Who writes in it and what?

The pages of "To You, Child" get filled with love by all the relatives and loved ones, thus leaving in one way or another their mark in its owner's life - grandparents, relatives, family friends, first teachers, coaches... Everyone who has the pleasure and the honor of being part of a "To You, Child" book answers questions grouped into several main categories - a brief introduction, professional experience, love and friendship. With the answers, the authors share their truth about life, as they see it through their eyes, personal feelings and experiences.

Why you should you have it?

In the material world we live in few things can enrich life like the memories of love, shared secrets and special moments with loved ones do. We created this book to preserve the most valuable thing in it - the love for your child - because one day, even when some of those who filled it out may no longer be with the small one, their legacy will continue to live in its heart every time it opens "To You, Child”. So that the memories come to life in front of its eyes…

When should your child get the book it its finalized form?

We believe that "To You, Child" would be truly useful, understood, re-read and appreciated, if your child received it at the age of majority or when receiving a bachelor's/ master's degree or its 20th/30th anniversary or on the occasion of another significant event in life. On a day important and significant for its further development as a person.


A wonderful family, carrying the magic with them over the years, created not just an innovative product, but a real emotion in the form of a book. An emotion bringing tears. An emotion for someone else's heart. Such a book created with their harmonious energy would color with tenderness and smiles to tears any family that owns it. Truths, advice and life experience, shared and passed on by the child's loved ones, would be not just a gift, but a real blessing for an adult child. A book that lasts a lifetime.

Natalia Denkova (30/11/-0001)


A unique gift that every child deserves!!!

Maya Angelova - Miteva (30/11/-0001)


A unique idea, realized in a perfect way and with attention to every detail - from content, through vision, to packaging and personal relationship with the client.

Kristina Radomirova (30/11/-0001)


The Team



On December 28, 2016 in Varna, Valentin took his first breath and gave a new meaning to life for everyone around him. The first few months were full of sleepless nights, constant crying, a display of character worth of admiration and cold winter days spent at home. Still it was in that time that the idea of "​​To You, Child" was born and the preparation for its realization was started. The first sample of the book was for Tino and provoked applause from everyone who touched it. MAMA is now sure - the project will be a success! Action! :)

Zornitsa Valeva


She is the person whose idea you have the opportunity to hold in your hands and whose questions you will answer by flipping through the pages of "To You, Child". She has a bachelor's degree from the Varna Naval University, a master's degree in advertising and PR and works as a managing partner in the PR agency HYPE Communication in Varna. She is a copywriter and marketing manager of the project.

Dimitar Valev


A Master of Business Management from the Kingston University of London and working in a leadership position at his parents' family company, he embraces the project to prove to himself that he can be successful as an entrepreneur in a completely different field as well. He is the CFO partner of the project and is responsible for the distribution.

Stoyan Chaldakov

the godfather

Applying academic knowledge and practical skills gained at the University of Economics in Varna and in the largest international software company, he is the closest friend of Mom and Dad. As a best man, supporting them in every endeavour, he joins the project with no doubts. A pedant to the marrow of his bones and a perfectionist by birth, he is involved as the Administrative Director of the project and responsible for all economic matters.


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